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  • Reproduction, in part or whole, in physical meda, print or otherwise, must be accompanied by citation to Folks Press
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Rights are currently returned to contributors—writers, artists, illustrators, etc.—after publication, unless otherwise stipulated. After publishing with us, contributors are free to anthologize, or otherwise republish, allowing for a citation that credits Folks Press with first publication, and, in the case of online publication, providing links to the Folks Press web site as part of the citation.

Submissions, Contributors, and Subjects

Content providers are solely responsible for obtaining permission from their subjects. Folks Press does not obtain the permission. Story subjects must approve being subjects for publication. Verbal permission is mandatory. Email is currently sufficient legal documentation of approval when and where necessary. Folks Press may, at some point, provide a signing document.

Because of the nature of Folks Press, our primary interest is in teaming with contributors, or potential contributors, on content. Contacting us with ideas is encouraged and we offer several means to reach us with suggestions and ideas for content. We love to talk with you.

Content submitted to Folks Press become subject to Folks press policy and protection. As long as Folks Press has indicated plans to publish a piece of work by a contributor, submitting the same work at the same time to other publications (multiple submission) is frowned upon.