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Kazue Suzuki

Kazue Suzuki is an accomplished and recognized piano educator/performer based in Salem Oregon. She grew up in Japan and likes introducing her culture with music. Kazue has been a taiko (Japanese drumming) performer in MONMOUTH TAIKO, based in Monmouth Oregon since 1995 and has been performing throughout Oregon in various festivals and school events. Monmouth Taiko has also been having fund raising concerts for the earth quake/tsunami disaster in norther Japan. Recently Kazuerdiscovered the beauty and versatility of the melodica, which all the children in Japan receive music education with the melodica (we call it as Pianica in Japan) and has been passionately spreading the sound of the instrument across several continents. In addition to exploring her musical journey, Kazue likes making home-made Miso, soaking in Onsen (Japanese hot-spring), traveling and meeting people in the world and playing with her beautiful birds at home.

“Vony & Kazz” is a duo dedicated to creating great music for the accordion and Melodica. Their international repertoire intersperses original compositions by award winning composer Courtney Von Drehle with the music of Argentina, France, America, Israel and Eastern Europe. Mr. Von Drehle, who also co-leads the ensemble 3 Leg Torso, plays the accordion and Kazue Suzuki performs on the melodica. Together they have performed in Oregon and Japan.

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