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Virginia Green
painter - illustrator

When I was a child growing up in Duluth Minnesota, those long cold winters meant a lot of hours of quiet time after the rigorous outdoor play in the snow. My older brother and I would claim the big mahogany dining room table with our pencils and box of crayons. He would draw airplanes and cartoon characters and I would draw people.

My Great Uncle George on my father's side, who lived in Minneapolis, used to visit from time to time. He was a poet and entrepreneur, of sorts. He loved my drawings and encouraged me to send him some of my efforts.

Today, I paint a variety of subjects, and am particularly interested in the human face and figure, both by itself and within a setting. In my paintings, no matter what the subject, I strive to convey with color and line a feeling/emotion, a sense of that place or that person, that moment in time. I work in a number of different mediums, watercolor, oil and a variety of drawing materials.

I credit Uncle George and my mother with encouraging me to continue this artistic expression, which has followed me all of my life.

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