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Jeremy Okai Davis
artsit - photographer

Jeremy Okai Davis was born in Charlotte, North Carolina on June 14, 1979. He moved to Portland, Oregon in January 2007 in hopes of new inspiration. He attended The University of North Carolina in Charlotte and received a BFA in Painting and a BA in Graphic Design.

His work is a reflection of his life and concerns, sometimes taking a pop spin in direct response to the media he is fed, albeit willingly, and at other times, a more intimate portrait based approach. Jeremy Okai Davis’s color use and fidelity to his subjects make them feel alive without being too literal.

His work feels really light at first glance, but on closer examination of text and posture, the work is full of conflict, an exploration of the contrast between the shiny, smiling exterior that is frequently presented on the surface and the inner, self-conscious, status obsessed mind state that so many of us endure beneath it all.

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