Folks Press Magazine
An archeology of living people
Folks Press is an alternative press for the digital age.

Mystery. Comedy. Strangeness.

Folks Press magazine is not journalism. Not art publication. Not literature. Nor anecdote, culture, meditation. It is all those things. Without being any specific one.

Folks Press is an archeology of living people.

We gather the bigger picture from many small things, sifting through fragments of bone, tools, signs, glyphs, garbage. We are curious. About people and what they do. What they make. We rummage through the world we live in and the creatures we share it with. We approach culture, society and politics, even life itself—as foreign. Along the way, we present the every day life of Portland, the West, and the world as you’ve not seen it.

As an online publication, Folks Press dispenses with web trends. We choose our presentations from the strength of tools, such as linking, audio and video formats. Eschewed are frivolous glitz, visual antics, and calorie-less content. We prefer a sense of humor. And a longer shelf life. Our DNA is ripe with successful print values. Values that triumph where digital goes to the ropes. Detail. Enigma. Literature. Aesthetics. Depth. The wit of print. Its aspect. Its humanity.

Folks Press is new. It is small. But just like the people and things we explore, there is always something else close at hand. Something big.

Treat Folks Press like you would a traditional magazine, yet find yourself paging through stories happening in text, video, comics, photos, illustrations, animation, and other forms of rich media. Folks Press creates social connections between magazine contributors, story subjects, and readers. Get started by clicking on a magazine cover, reading through the current weekly communiqué, or by checking out who's new in the folks directory.