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Story Tellers
Arthur Chang
I'm chief publisher and assistant editor for Folks Press.
Colin Green
artist - photographer - writer
I'm the instigator of Folks Press. As well as a person who dons many hats: founder, publisher, editor, writer, musician...
Life Moves On
Hiatus Notice
A Grand Experiment

Time passes, things change, life moves on.

And so it goes, here at Folks Press Magazine. What began as an ambitious attempt at advancing print storytelling to 21st century mediums has blossomed into a three year journey spanning 17 issues. In those 17 issues, we've traveled through the heart of eastern Oregon, meandered through the many walks of life, and plunged the depths of restroom norms. And along the way, we've had the privilege of meeting and working with so many fine people; it's the people with the ideas, the stories, and the willingness to share that made Folks Press one of a kind, a nonpareil.

And that is why it breaks my heart to have to inform every person who helped make this magazine great that as of today, Folks Press Magazine will be taking an indefinite hiatus. Life has finally caught up to us and it's demanding attention.

We already miss working on this grand experiment and hope that we will once again find ourselves surrounded by the brilliant and talented, the traveled and urbane, the wacky and weird, all with stories to tell. And in our hands, the tools of our trade, whatever they may be by then, poised to bring all those stories to life.

-Arthur Chang, Folks Press Chief Publishing Officer
-Colin Green, Folks Press Founder